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# 1 Dps: Channels (pve Records)
12-14-2013, 04:38 PM
Hi guys, Hulk/Mal here
The DPS channels are having a shake up DPS-5000 DPS-8000 DPS-11000 are all being deleted and merged into one channel DPS-10,000

the reasons are as follows:
1) the 5k channel has no to little operators and has no ability to make more
2) the standard of player in the 5k has dropped considerably
3) the mentality of these channels is not what we intended, while we understand some people do not want to do strive for high dps that is fine these channels are not for you
4) high power creep and skill increases means 10k is considered the new baseline by many of admins
5) we want to help everyone and to do that effectively we need the members to be as up for improvment as the admin are to help them improve so the 10k limit is a good half way point
6) standardisation 11k channel had too many rules

the new channels will be 10k>20k>30k
FOR PLAYERS WHO DO NOT REACH 10K 20K OR 30K there is a public channel called DPS-Public this is new approved combatlog reader
in the update (15.12.2013) There is a box to check for the dps channels settings

ise will be used as the test zone as its the best standard candle test in game

once this transistion is complete i will edit this post

these are the current records for our channels and we will continue to improve and help our members

Left on optionals:

ISE - 13:51

CSE - 13:52

KASE - 13:38

Total combat time:

CCE - 1:50

HSE - 2:58

NWS - 6:35

as for interest in the channel plz contact any of the following ingame for tests/ trials


all are operators of the 10k channel and above
MY SPEED RECORDS KASE: 13:38 CSE: 13:52 ISE: 13:51 HSE: 2:58 NWS: 6:35

Solo STF's With Optional ISE: 3:34
i have all logs saved of these so if you would like to view them send me a pm and it can be arranged

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