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01-13-2010, 01:34 PM
Originally Posted by giakenn
i had pre-ordered STO earlier today and used the key from the order form. it did register it but it still wont let me go anywhere to download the client from any site. it says that i still need to buy it? did i waste my money on something i have waited a long time to get?
i have tried calling atari to confirm my order and get my beta key but the phones where full all day i know its gotta be ta hectic time for them but they should have put more ppl on the way they hyped up the release and got us all really waiting for it
Giakenn, if you need to download the game client check out these sites here:

As far as fixing the link I apologize for the misunderstanding. We are granting open beta keys to those who pre-ordered STO, but have not received the key to get into open beta. You will not need the actual retail pre-order code until Head Start. The in game items will not be granted until you have activated the retail key. You should all receive your pre-order codes from the retailers by then (if not, you better contact us).

If you need to contact us for to get into open beta I recommend contacting our billing department, they are wonderful people.

EDIT: I had to clarify my point, I realized that what I was trying to say still didn't make any sense.