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# 1 Didnt recieve BO
01-13-2010, 12:50 PM
Didnt have time to post a report last night but right after I received my first BO from the tutorial and I got to Sol space dock I went to get a second BO. I spent the credits but never received the BO.

Not sure how you are supposed to get them onto the ship so I checked my inventory since system mentioned when you receive on you have to activate them or something but there was nothing there. The credits did reduce so I know I purchased the BO.

Also noticed a lot of stuff was very buggy with the lag from last night before the patch so it might be related as in not being able to select 'take all' or 'take' once you looted the container for the Phaser rifle during the Kit up mission.

Anyone else have this issue or am I not looking in the right spot for the purchased BO in all the windows?