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01-13-2010, 01:56 PM
Originally Posted by CPT.Hamilton View Post
I thought so originally too but it seems to be a common problem across the board. i am currently downing the STO downloader but i am hearing alot of people on hour 30 of that download.
Count me as one of these. I'm using the STO downloader. I started about 10:00 AM on Monday. I've had it running all but 3-4 hours since, and I'm currently at about 68%.

And no, it's not my DSL. During one stretch when I shut the STO download off, I downloaded a 250mb+ game on my PS3 in 30 minutes flat. If I was getting similar speed from the STO downloader, I'd have loaded STO in about 16 hours. As it stands, it's going to take about 80. And it's not because of load on my server or connection. Most of that time has been with none of the other computers or game systems in the house even turned on.

I'm not mad, yet... it's beta, and it's free. But I'm definitely unimpressed. And I can't say this gives me a lot of confidence in the whole STO operation.