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01-13-2010, 02:02 PM
Originally Posted by GISoldat View Post
You are testing something though, they are working out the kinks of server stability. With Closed beta there were about 8k on at most at the same time, with this you have and I am prob low balling it, 50k folks. Servers need to be tweaked to handle it properly, instances need to pop up to take the added pressure. Seems like what is happening right now is more instances aren't creating, so folks are being shuffled from one full instance to another, when you have thousands of people doing that the servers are about to blow a gasket.
Can I just ask if im the only one that feels that the open beta is actually a load of bull? yes the closed beta had less people to test how the servers did, but I really dont see why we had to pay to be the next guinea pigs. Open beta my butt, i have only had like an hour on the game due to the server not responding issue and more. The hour i have had actually playing i have been thrown about the place and this isnt even in combat its due to some glitch which apparently a blocked port is the explination. I checked my ports and they are all unblocked and my 2 desktops have the lastest processer and a very expensive fast graphics card plus 4 gig of ram so not really my comps before anyone comes back saying "oh well your comp is **it". They have quite obviously split the beta into two parts to get more money out of people. I'm just sorry I bothered to pay extra to play the game early as its been nothing but a waste of time and money. Hopefully when the game is finally finished it will work properly but im predicting even then problems will be occurring. So anyway well done Cryptic good job on the great game! ~claps~ (that was sarcasm btw)