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01-13-2010, 04:05 PM
Originally Posted by Arp View Post

Now, I dont know if STO causes it or not, but I have a lot of crashes.... sometimes a blue screen, somethings not even this, just everything dark.
Im running on win7 64 bit, with a geforce 275 with up to date drivers.

Anyone else have this? Because, if it is win7 related, Im going back to xp.

blue screens are hardware failure or driver fault that couldn be handelt and geting the system in a safty lock to prevent hardware damage .... the game is not responebil for the blue screen .... but i knowt the are some grafics issue that get the game to crash with certans grafis driver .... i hade only crash problems where i dint completet the mission for5 houers ( starbase 24 interiur) first i update the drivers ... helpt a bit and after that i set grafiks to the lowist possebil ..completet the mission and set it on hig again ... might help

ass fahr as i can see from what you descripe , this look more like a pc issue since you geting bluescreens ... if you could mage a screenshot on the blue screen an send it to me in a private message i can help you to find the crash problem so you can fix it