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If I had to name one thing most valuable about the STO experience, that's most probably the feeling of being inside the Star Trek universe and beside the great characters who live there. I deeply appreciate such a possibility and love the thoughts and feelings this brings.

So, I'd like to start a contest of New Year/Christmas/Winter Celebration/whatever presents to the wonderful Star Trek chracters, and since a material present is hardly an option (particularly for Q, who can create anything anyway), I mean a drawing.

Whatever you feel might be fitting, be it a portrait of the character him(her/it)self, of someone dear to him/her/it, a depiction of a special place or something important and dear to that character - something you could imagine that character hanging on a wall to look at with enjoyment. For instance, perhaps for D'Tan it could be a landscape of New Romulus, the new home - or perhaps Spock's portrait Maybe Worf could enjoy a depiction of some Klingon weapons or of an honorable battle, or something else of that kind. Or for Q - what else, a portrait of his own grand self

The minimal prizes are:
3rd place - a winter outfit (or its equivalent in commodities)
2nd place - two winter outfits (or their equivalent in commodities)
1st place - a master key and 100 of each winter commodity, including bells and beads

However, I have more items saved up that I will likely use for the contest if there are many decent entries. Including loads of small encouragement prizes, like scarves, mysterious cookie boxes, equipment packs, mirror ships, blue and purple tribbles, etc. Also there might be more master keys and heaps of winter commodities and perhaps other serious prizes if there are multiple really good entries, it's also not impossible to win multiple keys, more than one contest entry is well allowed and welcomed with open arms.

The deadline is 10.01.2014, a bit before the end of the Winter event just in case. Before Q runs away with all that magic ^_^ Edit: the devs confirmed the Store stays after that and the deadline is extended to 18.01.2014. You might wish to unlock it before that though, got to just go to the Winter Wonderland, the one commodity needed for the store unlock is given there freely.

You can dedicate the drawings to any Star Trek character, not necessarily directly featured or mentioned in STO. You can also explain why you care fr that particular character so much, might get bonus points for that

My in-game handle is my forum name - with a '@', of course.

Glohhaasi' mnekha

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