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01-13-2010, 05:58 PM
Originally Posted by bardwick View Post
6.3 bittorrent, average about 250-300 kb/s. Should be done when i get up in the morning...
ETA around 8-9 hours.
thats the disadvantage to public torrents, you get a lot of leechers. torrents work on the principle of peer to peer sharing/downloading. with public torrents you get people who download the torrent, wait till it gets to 100% and switch it off or seed at .7Kbps. its all about greed and stiff arming the next guy, cause WHO CARES! YOU GOT YOUR FILE! *smriks*

try a private torrent site that requires a certain download/upload ratio to be kept and met, like demonoid. (im only gonna say one since it was mentioned in a thread already. )

so thats why the speeds suck. Im sure a few of the seeds are actually hosted on their servers, 250-300Kbps isnt THAT bad for a public torrent, but not good either.

PS. I also downloaded the torrent from their site, I got the same average...just wait it out my friend!