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01-13-2010, 06:16 PM
Originally Posted by westbrookdrew View Post
Yeah, having the same issue, I hate those jaggies! Also, I noticed when warping in and out, there's just a bunch of specks that go with me. I think this is supposed to be the warp star slide effect, but that doesn't seem to work right. Also the tatoos and markings on characters have depth like scars and are not flat. Planets (like the one you see behind character creation) have very strange "indentations" on the surface. Seems like a problem with bump mapping? Can anyone confirm for ATI hardware or is it just me? I have latest ATI drivers.
now you mention it I have the specks as well, like you i thought it was just really odd looking warp effect. These issues prob wont be fixed for a week or so as they are doing the stress testing stuff atm