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01-13-2010, 07:24 PM
Originally Posted by dethstalker View Post
Well I have to say that I am so very unhappy right now and if the level of support I am getting now is what I can expect, then maybe it was a mistake to buy into this game. here is the problem. I bought 2 copies of STO, one from Gamestop and the other from Atari. so when finnally the open beta comes I go to download the game, I find that I HAVE to use the downloader from YOUR website or use Bit Tourent. so I get your downloader and what to my amazement, I get maybe .02 Kps download speed! now It is not due to my settings since as i watch it, once in a while it would go to my max speed of 300 Kps but it does so little that after 6 hours of downloading I only get 3% of the file. At that rate I could expect to get the whole file in a MONTH!!! So I call gamestop to complain and they say its not them but you, I call you and you say its not us, call gamestop. so i call Atari and I get the same runaround!!! So here I am using Bit Tourent and getting it at a BLAZING 30 Kps!!! So now after 3 days of downloading I am only at 50%! By the time i get this program the whole Open beta will be done and I would have WAISTED THE REASON I PRE-PAID IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS TOTAL BS, IS THIS WHAT I AM TO EXPECT FROM YOU GUYS FOR SUPPORT!!!!!! AS IN NOTHING If I was not such a Star Trek Fan I would say the H@$# with this and go back to World of ********!!!
I can understand your frusteration, but you need to understand that the only way to support the traffic for an open beta is to have it mirrored across many different providers. Bandwidth has been an ongoing issue with open betas for many years now. They just have the downloader there "just in case". They even state in the download site that it is significantly slower.

You have many options now. There are many mirrors to choose from now, with many of them being very fast. The beta still isn't completely stable yet -- they're still working out kinks in the network. Keep your chin up, and just let the download run. Before you know it, your client will be done and you will be playing the game!