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Originally Posted by captaind3 View Post

I understand what you're saying but I don't understand your logic.

This will effectively kill the Dyson space zone completely. You talk about we can't get something for nothing, but the inverse is also true. This is turning the whole zone into nothing for nothing.

Mercifully, and brilliantly, the commendations are incredibly easy to acquire. This means that just by playing anything in the Dyson's Sphere you can maintain meaningful progress through the Dyson Reputation.

But without dilithium and Dyson Mark reward of the daily, doing anything in the space zone will essentially be spending our time there for free. BECAUSE we can go run the Fleet Actions, because we can do the Battlezone, which for people that don't like ground isn't that friendly a proposition, because the commendation is the simple thing to get, removing the other rewards for the space daily will cause people to spend even less time there. It's not about being lazy or doing the easiest possible thing. It's about efficient grinding.

An RPG does have grind elements but it also has a definitive end. MMOs don't. So the grind needs to be more painless because it will be done much more repetitively.

The solution isn't to remove the rewards but to tweak the mission completion requirements so that they actually rate the reward.

We don't want something that is as monotonous as Tau Dewa, but if they've decided that the previous model was too simple, then make it tougher. As I suggested earlier make it so you have to do all, or two out of three of the area missions to get the daily completion. (Mind you they have to fix a few missions, like the find the missing ship mission that doesn't have a ship or anyone to defend it from).

I still run the Eta Eridani missions and the Deferi missions daily. Why? Because it's part of my dilithium grind. I need it for my fleet. I need for my equipment. I need to live!!!

And I'm running the Winter Event on four characters.

There has to be a better balance than taking away a source of dilithium and Dyson Marks.

Also a suggestion, what if running the allied space daily gave a different reward. Say fleet marks or a fleet commendation towards the Fleet Spire?

Cryptic you listened to us about the new rep system in the build up to Season 8 and put in lots of great quality of life features, like the marks to commendation project. Please listen to us here too.

Removing the daily is overkill. Just tweak it to bring it into the standards you need.

And yes, I know grindy MMOs as I played EQ back in the day from launch in 1999-2004. Is STO as grindy as old school EQ. hell no <--- But the reason SOE went from being the number 1 MMO developer in the West to #3 -- still trying to revamp EQ yet again with EQ Next, is because of the HORRIBLE design decisions made for EQ, SWG, Vanguard, et al -- a lot of which centered around the MASSIVE grinds that were a part of EQ and Vanguard (SWG was a different story with the NGE and CU updates when it was still around.)

And the above poster is correct that Cryptic no longer really does a lot of story content muissions for STO, and if you listen to a recent interview by Al Rivera - now a lead project manager - he feels there's too much story content, and nobody plays it. Why is that though? It's because, compared to the rest of the content used to get the needed in game currencies to progress in STO's endgame -- even though it's also repeatable, the rewards are sub standard to the other content <--- And that was a design decision made by Cryptic )and Dan and Al.)

Hell, he laments the Bajor ground zone as a 'waste'. But again, he and the Cryptic team are 100% responsible for this situation by NOT putting any other dailies in that zone to draw players back to it after doing "The 2800" FE series. Why is the Star Fleet Academy zone still used regularly? Because it's such a well done, iconic social zone? Hell no. It's because there are dailies and other things there that draw Level 50ies back to it to do those dalies; but it seems AL and Dan have LOST SIGHT of certain game design principles such as making rewards worth time invested in doing stuff.
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