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01-13-2010, 08:39 PM
I use Time Warner Cable on a wired connection.. with speed boost.. My network speed is 5 MBPS upstream, 30 MBPS downstream.. DLing the Beta client took about all of 45 min for 7.8 GB .. Of course I turned off Anti-Virus and turned off Firewalls for optimal speed but I also stopped using my PC until the file wa finished downloading.. install of the game took all of 25 min and the patch for the game took all of 3 min.

If you are having problems DLing the files or patching.. I would contact your ISP and see if they have any ports blocked on their end.. if it takes forever installing on your system, then I would look for a newer PC.

If your speed crawls, I would look into what your carrier provides in network speeds.. You may not be getting what you think you should..

that is the problem with Wireless.. you get an inherent 450 ms latency plus you also can get interference from any cellular or microwave device which cause speed degredation through the cell towers.. even a phone in your home if using a wireless router will cause latency.. gaming online should be by wired connection only.

DSL and ADSL sucks bad.. first your speed is dependant on how far from the Hub you are.. then you get speed degredation from people using the phone and using thier internet on a trunk line.. so that 756 Kbps you are suppose to have drops way down .. sometimes slower than ISDN (128 Kbps).

Cable, if on a good fiber optic network, there is 0 speed degredation.. Crappy cable service using copper lines suffers just as badly as DLS/ADSL..

Where I live at we have Time Warner RoadRunner.. fully fiber optic cable network.. during peak hours I get 5MBPS up stream and 29.87 Mbps down.. during non peak hours I get 5MBPS up stream and 29.87 Mbps down.. 0 change in speed.

So you may want to check your networking from your provider and / or check your hardware and house connection ports..

Also using a separate netowrk card (NIC) instead of the one built in to the computer main board will increase performance quite a bit.. it takes the networking off the CPU.. thus reducing clock cycles and prevents Network Lag / latency when the CPU starts crunching programs at 100% CPU cycles.