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01-13-2010, 08:53 PM
Originally Posted by Pestalence_XC View Post
I use Time Warner Cable on a wired connection.. with speed boost.. My network speed is 5 MBPS upstream, 30 MBPS downstream.

I have Comcast (yeah, not much torrent usage, so no worries) at 3Mbps up, 15Mbps down (wired only too). I pay $50 a month for it. I could get something like 50Mbps down, but they want an insane $100 a month for it. 15 is more than enough for me. I'm more concerned with latency, which is always low double digits for me to major points on the Internet. And of course 2 or more up is desirable. I only use this for my gaming rig.

I also have Verizon DSL as a backup and to run off my servers, droid phone, wireless devices, etc. (which is horrid for speed).

Needless to say on DSL my download would have been utterly painful. On decently fast cable, it was lightning fast during off-peak hours.