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To everyone doubting their drawing skills - I'd really rather see you try, but I understand... thanks for the good wishes and for commenting on this.

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Any Trek character? Um... I'd say Janeway, cuz it's a science ship.

Yeah I got nothing else.

(Also I don't recall Janeway having any paintings in her ready room, or at least none as bright as the one I made)
Right, perhaps she won't hang it in her ready room, but she might keep it and appreciate such a present from a fellow Starfleet officer Decoration with paintings is one thing, attention and respect are something quite different

Can you write me a letter or otherwise let me know your handle? Mine is my forum name - with a '@', of course.

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Unfortunately, I had to use my cameraphone, since I don't have a scanner.
So, who is this one for?

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when i was younger i used to understand shadows i even commited heresy on occasions by using a pen to create art. heck i even created a classic looking car with just lots of dots once. i havent had the chance to draw something out in years.
Does this mean that there are hopes you might join the contest?

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