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As the subject reads, my in-game Video "Effects" options are grayed out. I'm running duel-8800 GTX's in SLI (and not in SLI to test) as well as a Physx card, and I'm still unable to access to "prettier options" from the Video section of the game? I never had a "those cards are old now" problem before, so was wondering if this was a known issue or if somehow I'm actually unable to use those settings due to a configuration issue I have?

Windows Vista (32b)
2 X GeForce 8800GTX (issue happens both in SLI and out of SLI)
Ageia (*cough* Nvidia) Physx card
Latest drivers then reverted back to the previous ones for stability issues mentioned in another thread.

Hmm.. think that's about it.


Now that I can log in to see the actual settings, Postprocessing, Soft Particles, Bloom Quality, Bloom Intensity, Screen Space and Cinematic Focus are all grayed out .. the other options are 'normal'.