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12-22-2013, 11:27 AM
Last I heard dev talk about the mechanic itself, it was referred to as "magic", and was actually drawn backwards from the enemy to the originating ship, though this was when it was still incapable of missing (Season 5 IIRC).

On inheritance of mods to FAW, that was discussed more recently. Basically, you hit FAW, the beams in use become it's own with it being originating entity, but up until recently the mods only effected things when the user fired the beams. Skills and consoles were properly inherited, though. A fix from Neverwinter dealing with 'chain lightning' changed that giving FAW the ability to use the mods too.

All that I've seen said about the crit issue is that the fix to keep a player's procs from hitting themselves is what broke that. If FAW still runs backwards from the enemy to the player, that makes a certain amount of sense.