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01-13-2010, 11:51 PM
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The server is back up! Thank you all for your patience!
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Please the DEV TM work crazy hours and this is Free Beta im D/L .. I can wait please give them the day to adjust. It won;t be so bad. I'm at 84.4% of the patch drove hundreds of KM away from home and back to spend time with my aging father. .things are more important then a game even when the games an nice escape . Before some of these names of DEV TM were around the site more there was Awen; a fine young lady .. we are a community of ups and downs in a Beta or dev process and this will all make more sense in 2 wks.. but day one of live is still a growing process of a big IP.. Im here to enjoy the ride..

The Digital copy did look tempting.. but i wait for hard copies for large installs to avoid some of these early bottlenecks.. but the patching will need some added resources i n the server farm as almost 90k of peeps D/l the client from fileplanet alone. day before launch and launch day..
please no head banging on the keyboards in that cubical if you get too tired driving home fatigued is dangerous help a friend or enguage a cab. i guess its only 2300hrs in cryptic land now just seems looking at my clock later but youre still having quite a long day.. look out for each other and take care..