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Originally Posted by snoggymack22 View Post
Couldn't agree more. The current D'Deridex is horrendous and UNACCEPTABLE!

I did some balancing of my own and some research on the game's itemization budget for ship setups, and this is the ONLY ACCEPTABLE SETUP that the D'Deridex can have (imo):


Type: Warbird Battlecruiser

Hull: 34,500

Standard Shields:5,225 (Mk X)

Shield Modifier:1

Weapons: 4 fore 3 aft

Can equip dual cannons.

Crew: 50

Bridge Officers:

Commander Tactical, Lt. Commander Tactical, Ensign Engineering, Lt. Universal, Lt. Universal

Device Slots:2

Consoles: 5 Tactiacl 4 Engineering 1 Science

Turn Rate:20

Impulse Modifier:0.22

Inertia rating:70

Bonus Power:+15 weapons power

ANYTHING ELSE IS UNACCEPTABLE! I've crunched the numbers. I've looked at the other ships in the game. And the layout I present here is the only layout that works for the D'Deridex.

It's also cannon. If you watch Sacrifice of Angels or really ANY of DS9's last season, you'll see the D'Deridex PWNing the heck out of the combined forces of the Cardassians and the Dominion. Which is why the above setup is the ONLY setup that can work for the most iconic, most awesomest, most bestest, most popularity Romulan ship ever created.

It's just not a tactical ship. Sorry.

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