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01-14-2010, 12:10 AM
I tried every single partner on the official download page that didn't look like an EU site, and every single one of them was either going to take 2+ days to finish, or it was an incomplete 6.6 GB file. The torrent was the same, told me it was going to take 25 days to complete the download because no one was seeding it. The official downloader sat at 0 KB/sec most of the time, and never went above 0.25 KB/sec. Seriously, I have tried 11 different methods of downloading this thing, and not a single one worked. I can download other torrents and files just fine.

I just wanted to try the game, which is sort of what open betas are for, but it's not worth this much trouble or the strain on my PC to keep it running for so long without a break. I've been poking around this forum all day, too, and have seen very little in the way of official responses or assurances that the partners with corrupt or incomplete files are being contacted. I know betas are also for working out kinks, but this is ridiculous. There are a LOT of people having problems, and not much communication from Cryptic on the issue. If they want to drive away potential customers, this is certainly the way to do it.

I'm downloading from Ten Ton Hammer at the moment--the file size looks too small, but it's downloading fairly fast, so it can't hurt to let it finish and see what happens. If that doesn't work, I might try again on Monday after the initial rush is over, just because I am aware that betas are messy, especially in the beginning. This is pretty bad, though. I've had an easier time downloading and installing MMO betas from China and Korea.

Try file shack in the site list someone posted. I got it from there today no problems with the file, but it did slow down at the end when more people started pulling from their servers.
I tried it from there earlier and got great download speed from it, but the file looked incomplete (6.6 GB), so I stopped it. It's like no matter which choice I make, it ends up being a waste of time.