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01-14-2010, 01:16 AM
Originally Posted by dethstalker View Post
Well I have to say that I am so very unhappy right now and if the level of support I am getting now is what I can expect, then maybe it was a mistake to buy into this game. here is the problem. I bought 2 copies of STO, one from Gamestop and the other from Atari. so when finnally the open beta comes I go to download the game, I find that I HAVE to use the downloader from YOUR website or use Bit Tourent. so I get your downloader and what to my amazement, I get maybe .02 Kps download speed! now It is not due to my settings since as i watch it, once in a while it would go to my max speed of 300 Kps but it does so little that after 6 hours of downloading I only get 3% of the file. At that rate I could expect to get the whole file in a MONTH!!! So I call gamestop to complain and they say its not them but you, I call you and you say its not us, call gamestop. so i call Atari and I get the same runaround!!! So here I am using Bit Tourent and getting it at a BLAZING 30 Kps!!! So now after 3 days of downloading I am only at 50%! By the time i get this program the whole Open beta will be done and I would have WAISTED THE REASON I PRE-PAID IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS TOTAL BS, IS THIS WHAT I AM TO EXPECT FROM YOU GUYS FOR SUPPORT!!!!!! AS IN NOTHING If I was not such a Star Trek Fan I would say the H@$# with this and go back to World of ********!!!
I downloaded the client with thier downloader and didnt have any problems. Got 300k download so I think the problem is your ISP or your behind a firewall that is slowing the download.