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Originally Posted by arcjet View Post
While I agree that endgame content, aka elite STFs in STO, should be hard, and random groups with clueless players shouldn't be able to complete them without problems - I would never ever compare STFs with a proper raid.
Hell, it's even less content than one normal dungeon. It's basically one boss encounter with some trash. So let's not exaggerate. It's a grindfest. One completion is nothing.

Anyway, I'm puzzled as to how many players here find it difficult to acknowledge a problem when there is one - even if they are not affected.
A bug is a bug. It doesn't matter if you encounter it or not. Bugs are there to be fixed.
Lances hitting cloaked ships is a bug. Lances hitting outside their range is a bug. Etc.
If someone really and seriously wants to object this, he should be ignored and treated as the ignorant troll that he is.

Regarding the 'challenge' - creating or supporting artificial challenges that consist of not fixing defects is about as stupid as it gets.
If your group is fast enough, it's no additional challenge. If it's not, the additional challenge is disproportionate. Where's the middle ground? I rather get the impression some people like to feel elitist. Which is rather pathetic tbh.
There are enough ways to make STFs more challenging. Blatant bugs shouldn't be among them.

Apart from that this game surely doesn't need anymore incentives to min-max dps, fly escorts and kill fast. Yeah, even if you did it with carriers and a dread, most players will try to solve the 'kill unimatrixes before they bug' task with escorts and other dps oriented ships. Tough luck for anything else.

Imho STFs need more content, more duration and more tasks for specific roles. The amount of coordination and communication required for this endgame content is laughable.
To make this (creating/balancing) process possible, I think the devs should consider slashing most bonuses in half and get rid of massive stacking. Otherwise they'll find it difficult finding a middle ground for PvE or achieving balance in PvP with this min-max fest.
Once upon many years ago, STF's WERE a lot more like what you describe-there were only three (well, four if you count Terradome), they actually had story content, etc.

Back upon those many storied years ago, there was "Infected", "Khitomer" and "Cure"-the ground and space missions were a single run, you had to do both to finish it, and it took more than five minutes.

But it was inconvenient to the mass of players, and they demanded the separation from having to endure Ground content, and so the STF's were divided into space, and ground, and if you wanted all the KHG armor, or MACO armor, or all the space equipment, you had to run everything, because you could not GET a full load of STF gear unless you DID.

But the players did wail and weep and moan, and the Developers heard their plaintive cries, and eventually, right around season 7, they made another change, and the Rep system was born. Now, players could run Infected space over and over and over and over and over and over and over andoveraandoverandoverandover without having to go do ground, and get everything.

But the players wailed at the cost, so the Devs made it cheaper-not by lowering the costs, but by making the NPC's softer, less capable. And some players they did bemoan the loss of that thing called 'challenge'...

so the Devs cooked up Hive.

In HIVE, specifically the space variant, they granted the NPC's a new thing-they would use Science Powers, like players did, instead of just relying on one-shot weapons and rickockulous levels of hit points. and IN TRIBBLE, it was GOOD.

This lasted about two weeks in Holodeck. People bitched and moaned because they couldn't faceroll Hive Space with five TacScorts. So, the Devs responded. They dumbed the AI down, and amped up the oneshot Kills, hit points, and shields to "Keep it competitive' while enabling teams with no sci (which in Tribble during testing was the difference between success and failure) to actually get past stage two.

Code gets broken when you futz too much with it, and between the time it was intro'ed in Tribble, and now, it's been reworked a half dozen or more times based on feedback from players, and that is why it's broken today.
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