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Well that's interesting. STO never adopted a true global cooldown and therefore we have this system of activation timers. I'm pretty sure most of us know that this exists. As far as the game allowing simultaneous activations and having a que I am unsure. You're looking at eyeballing half and one second activation timers so right off the bat I'm going to say that that is a tough determination to make without a meter. If you can show us this as it occurs or link the dev post, that's different. Then we could all go over it.
Well he is not exactly wrong on this one point.

Originally Posted by guriphu View Post
What STO does have is activation timers and a limited next-activation queue.

On ground, the next-activation queue is exactly one power long.
The best device to see this with is the Party poppers. They have a 4 second cool down. If you hit it once it starts to shoot but when you hit it a second time the coloring changes to indicate that it is queued. or you can hit your hypo after as well. Either way you will see it. Only on ground though.

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STO does not have a magical monster called "UI Lag" that magically afflicts it with magical tentacles of UI Laggification during normal times. It's a myth that the playerbase has come up with, and that people who ought to know better persist in spreading.
Yes it does.There have been a few times where I hit an ability, the click does the "you clicked it" animation over it and then it does nothing. Doesn't activate the ability or the cool down.