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Originally Posted by voporak View Post
Thanks for the review Evil, I'll start changing stuff. Do you think replacing Next buttons with "-Continue listening-" or something similar would work in places where a player response is not needed?
As always I am glad I could help refine your mission.

With regard to the "-Continue listening-" vice the default response or "Next" it is simply the flow of the dialogue that I am interested in here. Those responses just do not feel as if they are part of the story. This is especially true when the dialogue is a report from a BOFF or something similar to that. As an author the goal should be to draw the player in and make them feel as if they are part of the story. This can be done by giving the player multiple responses to the dialogue or by giving a specific response to the dialogue rather than the default. Of course there are times when "Continue" might work in the dialogue but in those circumstances I recommend using "..." as a response. The responses are important to draw the player into the story especially if it is a longer story. They tend not to notice if the story is well written and they feel as if they are a part of it rather than just an observer. Also in those circumstances I would recommend a "Skip Dialogue" button strategically placed with a summary of what the player needs for the mission. This will help the players who do not like longer stories.

Originally Posted by voporak View Post
Also, I don't know why the interaction animations didn't work for you. I did notice a lag in their activation sometimes, mainly on vandalization, but they always showed for some amount of time. In CatStar's video of the mission, you can also see his character smashing a console.
The lack of animation I noted could very well be lag times in the system. The main thing I was concerned about was the fact that the player is supposed to be vandalizing a console or crates and nothing appears to change in or around the area. For example if the player is to vandalize a console you should add a small explosion and smoke to the console that is triggered when the player completes that task. If it is crates then consider adding debris to the area that triggers when the interaction is completed. This would make it feel more like the player had done something regardless of the animation itself.

I hope this helps clarify my report in more detail for you. As I have said many times before, the authoring of missions makes the play environment far richer than it would be without it.
Thanks for authoring.
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