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01-14-2010, 08:40 AM
Originally Posted by tedgp123 View Post

We all do. I run an ATI card. My point is, shouting, screaming and threatening cryptic wont achieve faster results. They have to evaluate, track down, create a fix, test it on multiple cards, then release it. This takes time. Something a lot of forum goers can't seem to get a grasp of.
i haven't done that bro.

if you are talking about someone else in this thread, thats fine. i appreciate what you said, but i want to hear it from them.

now, i have read all threads on this issue, and have read that it is a 'known' issue. i know its been disabled for 'some' cards. but beyond that, there are no specifics.

whats wrong with pointing out that any further communication would be helpful? whats wrong with pointing out that random nvidia threads are being responded to by devs and ati's threads are not?

this is the problem, you don't seem to know exactly what to say except just blindly defend cryptic.

yes, its beta, but i want to make sure this is a temp issue.

there's nothing wrong with that. this is the area to post pc and tech issues for peer and cryptic support... so just chill bro. you don't like it here in this thread? there's an 'x' that marks the spot in the top right that might solve your problem. lucky for you, thats all it takes. i need something a lil more to fix mine.