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# 1 Crashes at any random point
01-14-2010, 11:34 AM

I been pulling my hair out and going crazy since I been only successful in creating crash notifications for Cryptic then an actual Character. Problems I'm having are random crashes I can't pinpoint to anything specific. One case would be I would get to the loading screen and it would crash there. If I run STO in safe mood I can get into character creator sometimes either a functioning one or black screen with music, in a few minutes I would get the dreaded Decompressing error. Third case it just crashes at loader. I've gone as far as formatting my PC multiple times and even getting the install from a friend who has a working copy.

Following are my current specs
Windows 7 Ult 32 (I've previously tried on 64)
Intel 3.2 GHz P4
3GB DDR2 Ram
ATI HD2600 XT card (latest driver)
Creative Live Audigy 4 (latest driver)
300GB Maxtor
500GB Western Digital
AVG Anti Virus

Let me know if I missed anything, any help I would appreciate. I'm contemplating returning my computer back to Win XP to see if it will resolve the issue