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12-31-2013, 05:08 AM
YEs Superman 64 was horrible. But what about the Dreamcast's title: Seaman. With Leonard Nimoy doing the voice over work? That was the strangest, dumbest viedo game ever. Here's a link to it:

But whats with all the BSGO hate? The game is fun and if you want PVP it's non-stop action. Sure it's P2W and boy do you have to pay. I know one player that is in over 40k USD in that game. But the Fleet battles are large and epic. You get in a good fleet and on TS and its really exciting. But the grind is horrible and the cost of Gold (Zen) is ridiculous. $80 to level up one gun to max and your ship has 8 guns. Yeah like i'm going to drop a grand on a game just to level up my guns. And still need to level up Hull, Eng, computer systems, Ammo. Once we figured it would cost about $4000 to level up a line ship from starter to max on all gear an ammo. Say what you wil about Cryptics greed, Blue Frog gaming has them beat hands down in that area.

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