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Quake III

Being a quake II fan and spent way to much time online with it playing with my clan, III messed up big! To little teamplay, to quick, bad maps... Shame
its meant to be fast paced arcade quick reaction based pvp frag matches. sense is not required in games like that. Quake 3 to me was not near that pit of the worst. i also played Q2, used to download and play multiplayer jumps maps, learning to bunny hop is a hard thing to do with a tiny ramp and 5 boxes stacked high to try jump to. anyways.

after some thought, lemmings 3d was probably one of the worst i have played. i long for the days i can load up transport tycoon or rollercoaster tycoon just for fun over some throughly rubbish game like lemmings 3d.
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