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Actually Vault Ensnared is not a shuttle map. You use your full starship to defend the Vault being attacked by Tholians.

The single player missions are The Vault, Operation Gamma, and Rhi Atmosphere. Rhi is only available if you're a Romulan. Vault and Gamma are part of Feature Episodes, so those are open to all factions.

There are 2 PVE queue missions once you reach level 50. Vault Event and Atmosphere Assault. These are refitted versions of the single player missions meant for teams of 5 players. You can find them in your PVE queue tab.

Those queue missions are primarily what my guide is geared toward. The single player missions are quite easy and can be done with pretty much any set up. The PVE queue missions can be quite unforgiving if you don't have a proper shuttle set up, which is what I was attempting to aid with in this guide.

Edit: Technically the episode "Keep Your Enemies Closer" in the Klingon story arc is a shuttle mission, but you use a stolen Federation runabout and not your own shuttle or fighter. I typically don't list that one since you can't outfit temporary ships.

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