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01-14-2010, 12:20 PM
First you need to calm down and quit blaming Cryptic because your computer is not downloading the client fast enough.

Some downloaded it fast and some did not, computer specs aside, all types of computers had problems, I read where some people downloaded it faster on a lower end comp than a higher end one. So its defijnitely not just the client to blame. I had a problem loading up parts of the game and after reading up on the forums for others with similar problems found that I just had to keep trying. It turned out a lot of my problems was the huge demands on the server. I finally got Sol Sytem to load after 2 days of trying..turned out it was a server overload. Those things happen in beta. [i]t was frustrating but this is what playing beta is all about. Patience and persistence..and communication.

I had to disable virus protection, Zone Alarm on my comp, and disable ad adware to get mine to download the client faster.

Make sure your firewall is not interfering and keep many are trying to download the client just have to hang in there.

And keep reading and checking the forums for help, there is good support out have to be patient and remember there is a huge rush on the server and client right now. Open Beta has just started and there will be many problems we all have to deal with and resolve . Make sure you report these problems to Cryptic ..that is why we are here beta testing..its not for our entertainment at this point..its to find out the problems, bugs etc. and work with Cryptic to resolve them before launch.

Good luck and hang in there.