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Granted it's the holidays, but I would like to know when the team is going to address these frustrating UI Bugs that gotten worse in the last patch?

BOFFs disappearing from the Ship Toolbar.

The Big Ship Toolbar resetting as if you changed ships (which would be nice if it remembered even if you changed ships).

The Game selecting Default Away Teams (Security Teams for Fed and KDF, Storyline BOFFs for Romulans). Note: Think this is more of a UI lag issue, usually can correct by going to the team selection, click on one of the away team members, and it suddenly remembers your normal away team).

And long standing UI Toolbar Bugs like Items in Device slots not remembering (for some reason remembers Slot 3, but not 1,2,4) and the new MKXI and MKXII Kits, the 5th power never appearing on the toolbar when you equip it.
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