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# 3 Not just ATI
01-14-2010, 01:06 PM
I have 3x 285 GTX's, if I leave it in SLi, 2 of them run at full blast but the graphics are shoddy, probably due to lack of multicard support.

But even with just 1 going I get the same thing, running at full blast at the logon screen, although the graphics run ok in game, but in all respect, this definately isn't right.

I have a pretty good setup and not even hard graphic intensive games like Modern Warfare 2 make my cards go deep red(Imy cards have coloured LED writing down the side which go from blue[idle] to red[full load])

i7 975 EE(liquid cooled), 12GB RAM, Rampage II Extreme MB and 3x Asus Matrix 285 GTX, Windows 7 64bit,