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# 1 character creation crash
01-14-2010, 02:08 PM
In the initial character creation process the client locks up and the screen goes black, no keyboard control, have to hard reboot computer.
Wxp pro, amd 64x2 3800+, ati 1950pro 256MB, dsl, 2GB ddr2 system memory.

In the charcater creation selecting various details (i.e. skin colour, uniform colour/texture, body type) the client locks up forcing a hard reboot.
But on logging back in have to try and again select the various details to customize the character.

After the reboot checking control panel/ Administrative tools/ Event viewer, nothing shows up as an event in Application (e.g. like an Error or hang) nor in System (e.g. like a Warning)

Windowed the client so can see the task bar and with windows task manager (ctrl+alt+del) popup i notice just the character creation process causes a HUGE increase in the CPU temp (from 30 to +42*C) and both cpu cores are +95% in Performance/ CPU Usage History.

Can not do a client dump because the lockup prevents accessing the crypticError.exe file ( from the install location.