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01-14-2010, 02:56 PM
Originally Posted by Dagger-Rift

Someone with an NVidia graphics card with AA maxed, post the content of their \star trek online\Star Trek Online\Live\localdata\gameprefs.prefs file while the game is running.

You'll have to launch STO (even just at the character login screen), then alt+tab out. The contents of the .prefs file changes after you launch the game.

You should be able to alter the advanced settings and flag the file as read only to sneak past the AA check. There are also some settings in here you cant tweak IG if you're interested in really fine-tuning your graphics & settings.

Some intrepid modders might as well start tweaking here and posting their bug reports / findings as well. I'm sure Tweak-Guides will have a comprehensive walkthrough on getting the best performance out of STO, and what some of these settings mean a month or so after launch anyway.
Good stuff, I will check it out!