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01-14-2010, 03:46 PM
Seems to be a pattern...

Every time i have to engage in ground activity (be it at sol station buying, selling, receiving tier rewards etc) or in episodes that involve it - if it involves other players in any number, then it will fatally CTD

Same error - everytime

Its now so bad that i cant even log back into the game - been trying for half an hour

So to reiterate:

I cant test half the game
I cant group effectively unless its a fleet action or a space based episode exclusively
I cant log back in when i do get the error

Windows Vista 32
Nvidia 7800GTS (fully updated drivers - updated last week)
Plenty of Gig, plenty of dual processing power

If you need anymore specific info? There are over 15 cryptic error log reports sent (some with other screenies) and you can contact me via forum mail