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01-14-2010, 04:25 PM
same story here, it dc'd me twice and i managed to get in once, however i was a ship... after waiting 5 minutes i turned normal. however i only had 1 security officer with me so the secnd i engaged gorn i got r4ped.

tldr, hard time getting on the station, if u do get on, the away team isnt complete. nothing out of the ordinary otherwise settings wise and on my computer.

edit: 4th time i got in there as it should work.

edit2: i finally managed to reach the last submission on the mission itself, and i got disconnected from the server. it seems i have to redo every submission in the mission (wich takes ages) and i find that very tedious. infact im quite annoyed i have to do it all over again since the away missions are so bland and everything is fairly linear. considering closing the game and taking a look in a few days again when things run smoother :/