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# 1 I don't exist - Account issue
01-14-2010, 07:38 PM
I made the mistake of coming up with some silly name for my account name. Now I cannot access the Star Trek online launcher. It doesn't seem to recognize the name, even though I'm copying it from the Star Trek website I WAS logged into.

I logged out to see if I had a different password or if it was a typo or something (another stupid mistake of mine) and now I can't log in... or get my password information. The website doesn't recognize my name at all.

The name is Captain_LK-Hunter

I did not mess up on spelling this twice- the launcher doesn't recognize me and now neither does the website. Sorry I created another account but I didn't see any support feature I could call that would relate to this problem.

I really would like to start the beta I spent over six hours downloading and two months obsessing over so help would really be appreciated.