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The ISE space guide is somewhat dated & you'll find the following is what you will likely encounter:

Kill the initial Cube & 2 Spheres.
How quickly this is done is normally a good guide as to how the rest of the encounter will proceed.

Head over to either the left or right cube (normally left).

Kill Cube

This is where it gets fun and tactics vary..

select one of the 4 generators and proceed to blow it to kingdom come! Move to the next, repeat & do this until all 4 are destroyed. Take out the small Gate. Destroy all the Spheres.
Move to the other side. Rinse and repeat.
Take out main Gate
Take out final Tactical cube

Kill Cube
Take the generators down to around 10-20%. Pop all at the same time. Take out small Gate, Destroy the Spheres.
Move to other side. Rinse and repeat.
Take out Main gate.
Take out final Tactical Cube.

Kill Cube
4 of you take out the generators. 5th player uses GW and other CC's to hold spawning spheres away. After the generators are destroyed, players take out all the Spheres 1st then Destroy the Small Gate.
Move to other Gate. Rinse and repeat.
Take out Main Gate
Take out Tactical Cube

Group splits 2/2/1
Kill Cube on both side
Take out all 8 generators. Single player will hold spawning Spheres with GW's and other CC's. Kill all spheres.
Kill both small Gates
Take out Main Gate
Take out Tactical Cube

Scenario 1 is the main one you will come across. Scenario 2 is very rarely used nowadays (normally if DPS is very low). Scenario 3 is normally if you have someone who is good with CC or friends playing on the same team.
Scenario 4 is one I've only ever seen used a few times and requires very high DPS, teamwork and some good CC to pull off.

These are the 4 different variations of how to do ISE.
No.4 is by far the quickest but requires a good deal of teamwork, co-ordination, Extreme DPS and CC.
No.1 is next on the list. Requires good DPS
No.3 is next. This is for those with good DPS, some CC and Teamwork.
No.2 is for Average or Low DPS, bit of teamwork but also takes the longest.

Regardless of which way you choose to do it, be aware:

Main gate: always be aware of how close you are to this at the start. Stray too close & you may find your ship exploding! Also, when destroying this Gate later on, there are a couple "blind spots" where you can sit and the Gate wont hit you.

Final Tactical Cube: This spawns after the second small gate is destroyed. Be carefull when mopping up the spheres as it's easy to accidentally aggro it.

"Hazzard Emitters" - Make sure one of your Sci Boffs have this skill. It will remove the plasma burn which the Borg like using so much.

I'll do the short modern versions of KSE, Cure and Hive at some other point

*edited bit**
Haven't bothered with describing "Nanite Spheres" and all that jazz as that's already been mentioned in this thread.
Also, Final Large Gate and Tactical Cube kill order - Cube then gate or gate then cube.. doesn't make a difference and is more down to how the team wants to proceed
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