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01-05-2014, 12:00 PM
The Ha'Feh (particularly the fleet Ha'Feh) is an exceedingly good ship, with profoundly good stats over all, easily the match for its contemporaries up to and including the Jem'Hadar Attack Ship, PLUS it has battle cloak! The gimmicky singularity powers are nice but not a magic bullet.

The one and only thing that blunts the Ha'Feh is actually nothing to do with the ship itself, it's that the Scimitar packs even more power.

I've actually taken to calling the Ha'Feh the "Mini-tar" or "Mini-Scimitar", which is a bit of a sour note given how great the Ha'Feh is on its own merits. It is of course vastly more maneuverable compared to the Scimitar, but aside from that it's basically competing to be a top shelf DPS ship, and while it fills that role admirably, there is all too often an option right next to it that can do even more damage.

All of that doesn't even begin to address of the obvious "iconic" appeal the Scimitar has that the Ha'Feh, being an original concept, doesn't benefit from.