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01-06-2014, 11:37 AM
Too much storage?

Nah, a few bytes.

ship type, 1 byte

cosmetic physical - 2 bytes should cover all the combinations of hull, wings, etc IF that, and only need 2 because some ships have like 4 variations, so the combinations add up.

cosmetic, color scheme -- 2 bytes tops

the rest is gear, which is probably a lookup table. At a glance 16 bits may be enough, 65k items total in the game? If not, 32.

Total to store a ship, then, could be as low as say 64 bytes (allowing several more fields (gotta store the name, and probably a few other things). If it saves the BO and hotbar settings too, maybe 100 bytes or so.

To put in in perspective, I could probably store the ships for every player in the game on my decade+ old thumb drive which has 128 MB of space, and that is uncompressed. Compressed, its probably 1/10th of that.