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Originally Posted by yreodred View Post
I like the Ha'Feh Warbird myself, especially the Fleet version.
But there are two things that give me a hard time when using it.

First may sound crazy, but the turn rate is way too high IMO, for me that ship handles way too nimble. (i warned you, it would sound crazy. lol)

Second, size.
I don't know how other ppl manage to fly that thing, but i find it's way too big.

As i said in another thread, the devs should either reduce it's size or make it a bit less nimble. A ship of that size feels rediculus with a turnrate of 16 (!) IMO.
I really disagree with any suggestion to nerf anything, with extremely rare exceptions. A much better solution to authentically "overpowered" situations is to improve other situations. More often than not, claims that this or that is "OP" or "imba" are nonsense, or whining by the less capable.

Nerfing the turn on the Ha'feh would make it just another useless ship in my collection of mostly useless ships. As it is now, it's something I do occasionally actually use along with my several lockbox ships and C-store ships, unlike the majority of my ships (which I keep simply for the motivation of having a menagerie, and with the hope that they may someday become useful).

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