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01-06-2014, 11:33 PM
1997's Starfleet Academy. Seriously, one of the best Trek games out there.

You know how theres a bunch of people who want to play STO from their Bridge? That was SFA. A first person Starship-flying Trek game. You even had your crew voice acted on their bridge consoles on screen. Ironically the worst part was not seeing your ship enough (only when the mission started and when going to warp, otherwise it was First Person and schematics)

And it wasn't all pew pew. You had scientific missions. When I was a kid I got stuck on one mission because I had to scan the hold of a freighter to stop it from being attacked by vigilantes but it had a cargo of Denebite blocking sensors. The game actually needed me to raise power to sensors to scan it.

Another mission set was a three parter where you have to stop a Mudd like pirate named Maggie Horn from using an Iconian Plasma Torp Launcher (that she stole from the Romulans) on this sun serpent threatening a star system. A 3 parter that got you being outtwarted by a bratty female Han Solo and it was really good.

Plus Bill Shatner, George Takei and Walter Koenig all appeared in it and Ron Jones did the score which was reused for Starfleet Command because it was so awesome.

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