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01-07-2014, 03:44 AM
Even if I could count STO, I would list as my favourites Invasion. One of the first games I got for my PS1, and still so much fun. That is how you do a shooting game in Trek.

Generations was fun on the PC, and Elite Force was fun on the PS2.

But my all time favourite Trek game is A Final Unity. The only one I've played which felt like I was in an episode of the show. Got stuck at a point for years, which I only got past completely by accident while invading Romulan space messing around. Great voice work, great story, a point and click adventure of exploration and puzzle solving, with a nice bit of space combat thrown in every once in a while, but was only a minor part of the game and could be avoided with the right conversation options. A huge section of the galaxy to fly around an explore, even with uncharted systems you could fly to and explore, which then got added to the map. A library full of information you would probably never read (I did. Cos I'm crazy like that). Reports from the away missions and analysis from said missions turn up in the computer for reading afterwards. Random banter between the crew while you were sat idle in transit, including worf not wanting to play poker cos he's sure Riker cheats. I wish dosbox would work, I would so love to play that game again.

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