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I don't play these anymore, but I put countless hours into Elite Force 1 and Armada 1. Man, the time I spent in Elite Force's online play...until the community went to hell and it wasn't fun anymore. Dominion Wars was another until the game randomly borked itself. I haven't been able to get it to work on any computer since.

Weird thing with Armada, I once had a save on the final mission that reversed the teams so that I was playing as the bad guys. Only ever happened once. Anyone else ever get that?
Wasn't Armada one of the games where you could play as any faction? I seem to remember it as being one of the real-time space combat games. I'm guessing it was setup so that the save files had something that went Player a: human, Player b: AI. I'm not completely sure, I haven't tried playing it recently.

Didn't one of the Armada games let you play as the Son'a?

I can haz joystick!
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