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01-07-2014, 06:12 PM
Originally Posted by dracounguis View Post
Wasn't it supposed to SCALE with the number of players?
My poor little 3man team is fighting 6 specialists, 4 Spec Ops and 3 Medics AT ONE TIME! I can't kill anyone since the damn Medics will rez them instantly!

The BZ was doable solo when it first came out, WTH happened?!?
They got tired of ppl getting handed too many freebies. ("Money for nothing, and the chicks for free," as the song goes). For once, I agree with Cryptic on this.

Seriously, I do BZ a lot. Nothing has changed, really. Same rules still apply: don't try and take on 2 Voth Citadels on your own, don't fly right smack into the middle of several Bulwark ships and encourage, prepare for exit when you're heavily subnuked and have Aceton crap all over you, and generally just keep your wits about. That's about it.

And some parties are simply tougher than others (especially those that spawn inside mine field, adjacent to BZ, can surprisingly sting).