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Originally Posted by dracounguis View Post
Wasn't it supposed to SCALE with the number of players?
My poor little 3man team is fighting 6 specialists, 4 Spec Ops and 3 Medics AT ONE TIME! I can't kill anyone since the damn Medics will rez them instantly!

The BZ was doable solo when it first came out, WTH happened?!?
Heck throw in 3 mech's and a couple raptor's and you have some of the situations for which I have been in solo. And this is what the game determines to be correct for a 1pc 2boff team to face.
[Combat (Self)] Your Lunge deals 3252 (1916) Physical Damage(Critical) to Heavy Tactical Drone.
If you have come to the forums, to complain about the AFK penalty, than it is WAI.
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