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01-07-2014, 08:13 PM
Originally Posted by kimmym View Post
I can still solo points wearing my medic kit, with me and my away team using the blue tos phasers.

When I use physicist and my lobi time rifle it's silly...

The nodes where you wait for the canister to move down the rails has been a bit tough recently, but not undoable.

You just need your wits about you. You can't just spam kill everything.
Indeed, in groups you may just be able to spam kill..... solo you have to chose your targets more carefully. Comes to the boss too, I've gotten miffed when someone at a boss location is shooting at the t-rex and ignoring the medics.... especially if they are their alone at first. Just yesterday lost one in an instance while I was running to it because three players there firing away at the rex while the medics were just happily syphoning off omega particles. If I hadn't been delayed by having spawners spawn right on top of me TWICE on the way there, might have been able to stop them too.