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01-15-2010, 04:42 AM
Originally Posted by Cipollone

Thank you VainEldritch,
I updated my drivers to the very latest ones and now the card runs normally
I did not change any settings though, just updated the drivers... even though mine were just a few months old, maybe it was already too much

Eh the fan is still loud... not as much as before but still loud. I hope they fix it
Glad to help .

Oh, and the new Cat drivers are from Dec, I think. Drivers are pain in the kaboose tbh... but this time they certainly did the trick - at least now the entire household does not have to listen to my jet-powered 4870x2 :p

EDIT BECAUSE I READ YOUR EDIT... the card is not the quietest around anyway, and I know a couple of *** players who replaced the stock fans with a 3rd party system and they say the card is now silent even at 100% load.