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Author's Note: This entry is a direct continuation of the plot begun in Part VIII of Echoes Upon Distant Shores

The Opposites of Attraction

2412.7.15, 1700 hours

"Come in."

Captain Ael t'Kazanak turned from the replicator as the doors to her readyroom hissed open to admit Ahd'r I'sH'd. Lowering herself into the chair behind her desk, Ael noted the scowl which turned the Pentaxian's handsome visage into a mask of rage.

"Osol twist?" she enquired, raising the small plate.

I'sH'd shook his head.

Popping the sour confectionary in her mouth, Ael sighed.

"What can you tell me? Did you find her?" she enquired.

"Nothing," I'sH'd replied. "It's as if she vanished after her meeting. I conducted some interviews, and no one had seen anything unusual."

Ael raised an eyebrow and her lips quirked.

"'Interviews'," she repeated. "I think our people share a mutual understanding of that euphemism, surely someone knows something."

"So one would think," I'sH'd replied. "I beat that boy Lucas within an inch of his life, but he maintained that the ambassador left the building unharmed. If he had been lying, I would have found out. If she was taken, no one saw anything."

"Do you think-" Ael began, but I'sH'd cut her off, intuiting her concern.

"It has happened before," he admitted "After what happened at the Khitomer conference, I can't believe Section 31 would try something like this again, but it's the only thing that makes sense. How do you suggest we proceed?"

Ael picked up a PADD from her desk and waggled it.

"Well, I've been invited to give a commencement speech for the Academy's graduating class," she said, before tossing the PADD back down. "Refusal is not an option."

Seeing I'sH'd stiffen, Ael raised her hand.

"Let me finish. You know that Siri and I have been friends since we were cadets, her disappearance disturbs me as much as it does you -- probably more so. So here's my proposal: I take a shuttle to Earth, and leave the Vanguard here to investigate her disappearance. I won't need to order Commander Mayer to assist you, he'll want to know what's happened to Siri as much as I do."

"That would be acceptable," I'sH'd said. "Do you know what you will lecture the cadets on?"

"Tolerance is always a good theme," Ael pondered. "At my commencement, Admiral Janeway delivered a speech on the morality and applications of the Prime Directive. I'm sure I'll think of something before I get to Earth."

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