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01-15-2010, 06:37 AM
Some good comments about general raging. It does need to be stamped out by forum mod because a lot of the time it's unfounded or exagerated.

I commented on this thread yesterday with word of problems I was having. Sure I was not best pleased but I keep on going. Someone mentioned walking through snow as a kid and so on. I'm an X soldier and now a programmer so I know about problems. I agree todays generation is worrying, they don't have values needed to surive in life. I'm not talking about getting rich, I'm talking abotu surviving to be a good person and if games are going to be such a big part of peoples lifes then its up to games to start dishing out some none related advice.

Like stay calm, have patience and just seek help.

Direct2Drive's problems were fixed yesterday and the game downloaded about 8MB per second for me. Fastest download I've ever had.

Then I got the game running on a HP computer, ATI 3460! Duel AMD Athlon processer. Lowest specs you can use probably and the game runs perfect. Graphics are still acceptable too. This is great news because these computers are cheap now.

Thumbs up to Cryptic. Anyone least you know it is worth the effort and wait!