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Ok, Game works great on my desktop. I installed the game on my laptop last night (after the 1/14 emergency patch) and am getting this error. Through troubleshooting myself (thanks to Cipher_Nemo) i have found that if the game downloads and installs the beta, first pach, and then the 1/14 emergency patch, that some of the files are not being written properly. This may not be the case for all, however i have reinstalled 2 times and have the same issue. When checking the CHECKSUM for all files in the PIGGS directory i have found the following files not matching the specified checksum on the following page:

at this point i started this thread. here is the checksum i am getting from all files from here on.
File: bins3.hogg
CRC-32: 3e44e59b
MD4: 0a2533fd9c13dbaba7d38fc87458c63c
MD5: 05553670660f2d1b72f711f8b7e36c76
SHA-1: 9dba5f68bd1fbf126cf8b89fc85ec1521ced33be

File: character.hogg
CRC-32: c029be11
MD4: 508685f520f3c4640eac012af833eed1
MD5: 7935012fbd1541ae2b6ffb0adaba82f1
SHA-1: 9788274cb79268f4cb23b465fc7207953a637389

File: data.hogg
CRC-32: 81611878
MD4: 4668b63f10f594a070d19314bcb8e901
MD5: b17c9c5b4126c030440a032f6f962115
SHA-1: c89dcb5413dd72012c04d1ce8ae40bb2d4c084e3

File: exes.hogg
CRC-32: 0a9dea46
MD4: 382d910a5b98bbbf6400051cff270b7d
MD5: 7d6b822381b8e80cb2023ce63d820379
SHA-1: f5d0f842d9e881af61e5050af9b909f1486f7ba4

File: object.hogg
CRC-32: 6435abbb
MD4: ded6280e53a5dc10860c29771b26ebda
MD5: 083b6d969f160edb5332f9019980f60d
SHA-1: a8cfd7053b4e33f5c6a55b11aa561346309bdf9c

File: sound.hogg
CRC-32: 2d052389
MD4: b187d7ad6cca835c05371e22f151f8a8
MD5: f0acd1561cdcb686a01bca7f5bfd203f
SHA-1: 1c08b50707cc0dff184c46deae8683aa67c85229

File: texture.hogg
CRC-32: de81e16c
MD4: 7bd4aaae510bdded7dc5893c91f9efdc
MD5: 7a923574e6a99b8a5ce2870e8224efff
SHA-1: 3b54faac64112cddf8b77d89d15bbffa927f0a63

File: texture2.hogg
CRC-32: bc39b819
MD4: 2a776052b0a8065533534c01eb15ce8c
MD5: a666b3d8b0e4d9b18a9b584c08c97b4a
SHA-1: 558deef0f92636d1f7c6cf029464e5d847370ef3

File: texture3.hogg
CRC-32: 454f40b9
MD4: 124f2e050fcc56f5683a1449dcedd0a3
MD5: 1a80a60081c728f9305709daa4e5d980
SHA-1: eb2cb921035a2af06e7fd636369ff805a77ed766

Essentially.. Every file was wrong. any ideas?